Tone the buttocks with Medilipo - MEDIJEUNESSE

The treatment that allows you to reshape the “B side” in a single session

Would you like to wear tighter clothes, but you are not comfortable with your “B side”? Don’t worry, there is now a solution thanks to advances in aesthetic medicine: it’s called Medilipo, a cutting-edge technique that can reshape various areas of the body, from buttocks to thighs, chin to arms, belly to hips to knees, ankles, calves and shoulders. And it is precisely the buttocks that are one of the areas where Medilipo is most effective.

In fact, this treatment uses a special, thin laser optical fiber only 0.4 millimeters thick, which is introduced under the skin after mild local tumescence anesthesia. The laser succeeds in immediately melting subcutaneous fat, while the heat produced simultaneously causes the dermal elastic fibers to be shortened with clear and noticeable firming and recompacting of the skin.

At the same time as melting subcutaneous fat, Medilipo therefore also initiates a process of toning the buttocks, which will therefore look firmer and “taller” at the end of the treatment. Once dissolved, the fat will then be eliminated through bodily drainage within two to three weeks following Medilipo, a period of time in which it is possible for the patient to continue with his or her daily life.

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