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Medi Pelvic è un innovativo ed esclusivo trattamento che utilizza la tecnologia elettromagnetica focalizzata ad alta intensità per la stimolazione profonda del pavimento pelvico La seduta,…

The MEDISCULPT is an innovative piece of equipment for intense as well as rapid and targeted muscle toning.

Skin elasticity and firmness are given by a network of collagen and elastic fibers

It is a widely used injection technique apt to prevent and, within certain limits, to correct

Thousands of women have resorted to Botox for rejuvenation

Botox inoculation represents the most popular treatment for

It has been more than twenty years since laser therapy has played the part of

ISTAR is a medical laser that is part of the family of lasers

The outstanding new equipment for performing ozone baths.

Lipojeunesse is an innovative and advanced system that is non-invasive