Treatment Of Varicose Veins Lugano Medijeunesse


Ozonized three-dimensional phlebotherapy

The new medical treatment of varicose veins that avoids surgery.

Three-dimensional Ozonated Phlebotherapy is an injection method that does not occlude veins but acts on the vessel walls of the perforating and superficial circulation. It is a “cure” for varicose disease, strengthening the wall of the veins, narrowing the lumen, restoring valve function, and making all visible veins disappear from view.
We use the term “regeneration” to describe these effects, which means restoration of altered vascular structure and function. It is an improved variant of TRAP therapy and is based on the hypothesis that the most frequent cause of varicose veins in the lower extremities stems from weakening of the wall of the perforating veins and subsequent valvular incontinence. To strengthen the wall, reduce the caliber of the veins, and restore valvular continence, we inject into all vessels visible to the naked eye and by trans-illumination, a sclerosing solution at a non-occluding concentration, in sufficient quantity to reach the perforating veins.

The action of a non-occluding drug solution injected in a three-dimensional sense goes to correct valvular insufficiency and dilatation of veins at the level of the perforating and superficial circulation simultaneously. In addition, the use of such a solution makes side effects irrelevant.

At the end of the treatment, ozone injections are given along the wall of the veins to improve vein oxygenation and relieve varicosis-related pain symptoms more quickly. The action of ozone also helps eliminate water retention that is almost always present in varicose conditions

Treatment details

Number of sessions: 4 / 10
Anesthesia: None
Treatment time: 20 minutes
Pain level Mild
Effective for: Many years

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Reviews Ozonized Phlebotherapy

Since after pregnancy, my legs were always swollen and sore. After my consultation with Dr. Mancuso, I had 4 sessions of Phlebotherapy and have had no symptoms for over a month now. I really feel very good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Graziano P. Age 45

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I think this vein treatment should be made mandatory after the age of 50. I who have done it feel resurrected. I run,dance,work all day standing and no longer have any pain and weight in my legs. Bravo to Dr. Mancuso

Rinaldi B. age 52

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I had been advised to have surgery on the vein but I didn’t want to eliminate it so I went to Dr. Mancuso recommended by a friend. Today I effectuated my control and I am happy to have solved the problem without surgery.” I thank everyone for the professionalism

Mrs. Bonetti F. – 52 years old

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I was recommended by a friend, and I am glad I did this treatment. I was told I had to have surgery instead I was able to heal in less than a month

Gervasius A – 53 years old

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I had heard about Dr. Mancuso’s therapy but did not think it was possible for my problem. Instead, now my veins are fine and my legs are no longer heavy. Health insurance funds should work better and give the possibility of treatment without additional expenses

Cerrato A. – Age 65

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