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The use of ozone in medicine and aesthetics dates back to the early 1990s when the medical oxygen-ozone mixture began to be used to improve circulatory problems, for pronlems of muscle and joint pain, for herniated discs to correct water retention, to combat some dermatological diseases, and in aesthetic medicine to improve the appearance of celluilitis and to regulate metabolism. Over the years its applications have increased exponentially as the number of physicians practicing the treatments has increased. In aesthetic medicine comparing the results with other techniques, ozone seems to be much more effective in reducing the orange peel appearance of the skin and at the same time eliminating water retention especially in the lower limbs.

Treatments take place using very fine needles through which the gas mixture is injected subcutaneously. The improvement in capillary blood circulation is evident as early as the third/fourth session. Skin appears more oxygenated and hydrated, with reduction of orange peel appearance and elimination of waterlogging. The protocol involves a cycle of 12 treatments weekly and biweekly. Each session has a treatment duration of about 20 minutes. The dolere is very limited.

In addition to its use to reduce cellulite, ‘ozone is also practiced in aesthetic medicine to combat acne and its scars. In this case it is the strong antibacterial power of the molecule that goes to interfere with the bacterial overinfection present in the acute phase of acne. Other use is for hair growth and strengthening, which is done through the application of bags inside which the ozone-oxygen mixture is channeled. application of ozone to the scalp results in marked hair thickening.

Treatment details

Number of sessions: 12
Anesthesia: A None
Treatment time: 20 minutes
Pain level: mild
Effective for: long term

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Ozone therapy is a treatment recognized by major supplementary health insurance companies