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Microbiome genetic test

Microbiome Genetic Testing

The study of the Microbiome has grown exponentially, and there is now evidence that alterations at this level are closely related to conditions such as obesity, chronic inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract, manifestations of metabolic syndrome to behavioral alterations.


Microbiome testing: genetics at your fingertips

The relationships between different species of bacteria and between bacteria and host are extremely complex, and this branch of “omics sciences now makes it possible to reevaluate a whole range of conditions from a completely different point of view.

For example, the microbiota of an obese subject. is able to significantly increase the feeling of “hunger” while decreasing the feeling of “satiety” in parallel.

Energy utilization also changes completely: storage in fat cells increases and stops while immediate energy utilization decreases.


Microbiome testing: genetics at your fingertips

Thus, the study of the patient’s microbiome makes it possible to target nutritional intervention according to the goal to be achieved, taking into account that the same is influenced by many variables:

  1. age of the patient
  2. the diet that takes on
  3. the smoking habit
  4. the presence of pets
  5. The place where he was born and lives.

A new scientific era has now begun.

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