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The term mesotherapy refers to the administration of drugs or homeopathic active substances directly injected under the skin of the area to be treated. In aesthetic medicine for years it has emerged as a favorite treatment for reducing cellulite and localized fat. Manual treatment involves the use of a multi-needle plate to make the injections of the drug or drug cocktail to be used. The stings are slightly uncomfortable because of the slight burning caused by the drugs used, and small hematomas often form in the inoculated region. Treatments last about 20 to 30 minutes and are carried out weekly for a number of sessions ranging from 12 to 15. In addition to classic manual mesotherapy, there is the mechanical variant, which uses a mechanical injection gun to carry out cutaneous administration of the substances chosen for treatment. Of course, this variant turns out to be more precise in terms of dosage per hole and even distribution of substances with less dermal stress produced.

Treatment details

Number of sessions: 12 / 18
Anesthesia: A None
Treatment time: 30 minutes
Pain level: mild
Effective for: long term

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Mesotherapy is a treatment recognized by major supplementary health insurance companies