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Fiber optic laser liposculpture

MEDILIPO is the method, exclusive to our center, which we have been using for 7 years now and have made over 3200 applications of. Medilipo is a medical treatment belonging to liposculptures, like liposuction in fact, but which is performed without the use of scalpels, cannulas, and general anesthesia.

The fat is emulsified through a very thin laser optical fiber with a thickness of only 0.4 millimeters, which is less than the thickness of a blood sampling needle, a fiber that is introduced subcutaneously after mild local tumescence anesthesia, without recourse to incisions and consequently without the need for final sutures. At this point, the energy emitted by the sophisticated laser equipment and transmitted through the optical fiber will cause the immediate melting of the fat present under the skin.

The dissolved fat is eliminated through normal body drainage pathways within two to three weeks during which time all normal daily activities can be carried out. And it is precisely the absence of hospitalization and the almost nonexistent side effects that make the treatment unique.

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