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Lo shock termico che distrugge il grasso

LIPOSHOCK is the new method exclusively acquired by us that has been discussed for months at the latest world medical aesthetic conferences.


It is a heat treatment in which the body areas subjected to the technique are repeatedly jolted between temperatures varying from -20 degrees to + 140 degrees with an effect referred to as “ping-pong.”

Two devices act simultaneously of which one from the outside causing thermal lowering and the other, a diode laser, acting from the inside with temperatures reaching 140 degrees.

The thermal differential produced causes fat cells, adipocytes, to be destroyed with simultaneous and instantaneous skin elasticization. The fatty content excreted from the cells into the extracellular space is partly eliminated immediately and partly carried outward through the urinary tract within a few days.


To make the treatment completely painless, a skin desensitization of the area is performed using a variant of Klein’s classic solution in this case with a greater cellular imbibing effect


The session lasts about 60 to 90 minutes, and at its end you return completely and freely to your normal life without any work or relationship hindrances.


All classic areas of fat accumulation can be treated : Abdomen – hips – legs – buttocks – arms – knees – calves. Some areas can also be treated together in the same session.


Any person 18 years of age or older who, in addition to needing the treatment, shows a fair health status at the suitability assessment carried out free of charge by our doctor at the consultation is eligible for the treatment

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