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ISTAR is a medical laser that is part of the low-energy LLLT (low level laser therapy) family of lasers that have been used for almost three decades to increase cellular metabolism and lymphatic drainage, but only recently have they been observed to allow defined lipolysis, tissue oxygenation enhancement due to ROS-mediated vasodilation, and ph modification.

Method of action


ISTAR®’s 635nm red lasers targeting fat cells create the following effects:

  • – They alter the activity of mitochondria that modify cellular metabolism.
  • – The new distribution of mitochondrial energy charge creates pores at the level of the cell membrane.
  • – Triglycerides are composed generating fatty acids and glycerol, exit the cell through micropores on the membrane and enter the interstitial tissue.
  • – The lymphatic system collects them and the body can use them in the form of energy.

And it is precisely on increasing cellular metabolism and caloric consumption that Istar acts. With a regular diet and a recommended improvement in lifestyle also referable to an increase in daily motor activity, not necessarily from the gym but also with walks or simple exercises to be performed within the ‘home the results of Istar can be even greater than those statistically reported and reporting losses of more than 8 cm in circumference per treated area in a few weeks. The complete cycle of therapy consists of 6 /12 treatments ranging in duration from 30 to 45 minutes that can be carried out on a biweekly basis.

But Istar’s 635 nm laser light does not stop at stimulating adipocyte lysis alone; it also acts on the cells that control skin firming and elasticity. To the lipolytic action of Istar must then be added the skin-strengthening action due to the increase in collagenogenesis stimulated by the action on dermal fibroblasts.

The draining phase of the body is also stimulated with increased fluid expulsion through the lymphatic and renal pathways occurring due to a stimulation of regional lymph nodes and increased fluid supply to the body’s filtering system.

Lipolysis – Firming – Drainage

these three phases are all stimulated in every single treatment with Istar, which is therefore also a good solution for cellulite reduction

Treatment details

Number of sessions: 6 / 12
Anesthesia: None
Treatment time: 40 minutes
Pain level: absent
Effective for: long term

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