Lipojeunesse Therapy Lugano - MediJeunesse Lugano


The lipo molecular mechanical vibration

Lipojeunesse is an innovative and advanced, noninvasive alternative to normal ultrasonic cavitation. The system is able to provide a safe and effective action of reducing fat accumulations, of different sizes and located at different depths, firming, skin lifting and silhouette shaping. It successfully combats the blemishes of the fatty part of cellulite and the appearance of orange peel skin. All this, combined with a scientifically tested method, makes it possible to obtain effective, rapid, painless results, without side effects, in total safety.The equipment emits ultrasonic vibratory waves that by shaking the fat cells result in their collision with the release of the fatty substances contained within them. The recommended number of sessions is 8 to 12 each with a total application time of 40 minutes.

Treatment details

Number of sessions: 8
Anesthesia: A None
Treatment time: 40 minutes
Pain level: absent
Effective for: long term
Cost: 2800 chf

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