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Vulvar rejuvenation

Led Biostimulation is indicated to slow down both functional and cosmetic aging of the vulva in pre- and postmenopause through stimulation of structures delegated to the maintenance of trophism, elasticity and tone.

Vulvar photobiostimulation is performed by exposing the affected parts to a special light with biostimulating action, that is, a light that stimulates the rejuvenation of skin tissues in the vulvar area.

The treatment is carried out through special diode lamps that emit infrared light to help restore tissue tone and firmness. The sessions are done in the doctor’s office, exposing the genitals to this light. Treatments are weekly and last 15 minutes. The goal of this treatment is to restore hydration and elasticity to the affected areas, recovering a more youthful appearance and preventing skin aging.

Treatment details

Number of sessions: 4 / 8
Anesthesia: A None
Treatment time: 20 minutes
Effective for: Many years
Pain level Absent

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Ladylift Reviews

I had problems with pain during intercourse with my husband and solved the problem with two Laser sessions. I feel much better and I think my husband is too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Mrs. Paolini F. – 46 years old.

It is a very effective treatment that I recommend to all those who suffer from incontinence. I have carried out only two sessions and feel much better

Mrs. Manzo E. 46 years old

I am happy to have solved my postmenopausal problems in a simple way. I thank Dr. Mancuso and his staff.

Mrs. Mancini E. Age 56.

With the Ladylift, I solved my incontinence problems that made me very embarrassed and difficult. My life has changed. Thank you for the professionalism

Mrs. Galdiero A. 38 years old

Thank you for solving my problem of incontinence and vaginal dryness. I will recommend it to all my friends who have the same problem.

Mrs. Pinto E. 51 years old