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Erbium laser dermabrasion

It has been more than twenty years that laser therapy has been playing the leading role in aesthetic medicine to solve the problem of wrinkles and sun or age spots and dyschromia of various kinds. In those twenty years, however, many things have changed, and especially in the last decade, a period during which powerful but often catastrophic CO2 lasers have given way to other types of lasers that are much safer though equally powerful.

It is so that for more than a decade when we talk about laser face we almost always refer to an Erbium laser.
This type of laser achieves excellent skin abrasion and energization results without causing prolonged reddening of the facial skin with a recovery time of very few days.

Treatment details

Number of sessions: 3 / 5
Anesthesia: anesthetic ointment
Treatment time: 90 minutes
Pain level: mild
Effective for: 12 / 24 months

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