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The GOLDENLIPO represents a variant of the Medilipo.

The method uses an ‘even more powerful laser equipment that not only emulsifies fat accumulations but also has a firming and recompacting effect on the skin. The increased emulsification of fat with the new GoldenLipo equipment also allows the possibility of partial suction of the dissolved fat so the results obtained will be evident in a shorter time.

Areasof possible treatment


Outer thighs – Inner thighs – Belly – Hips – Glutes – Shoulders Knees – Calves – Ankles – Double chin – Vulvar area Gynecomastia

Treatment details

Anesthesia: Local tumescence

Treatment time: 90 minutes

Pain level: Mild

Effective for: Many years

Cost: To be determined in consultation

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Recensioni Liposhock e Medilipo

” My name is Marco and I am 46 years old. Before the summer I trusted Dr. Mancuso and underwent the new Liposhock treatment. I am really happy with the results I am getting also because I am not going on any diet and even in the summer I did not deprive myself of anything. Meanwhile, the results can be seen and they are really good.”

Mr. Marco G. – Age 46. Lugano 06 / 09 / 2022

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I performed a Medilipo on my outer thighs, and I am very happy with the results so far. Dr. Mancuso says there will still be further improvement but I am happy as it is.

Mrs. Rossi F. – 36 years old

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I had tried to get rid of the fat on my legs by performing many treatments and spending a lot of money in vain. I was skeptical but trusted Dr. Mancuso and did well. 30 days ago I had a Medilipo and now my fat accumulation is almost completely gone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Mrs. Merlo E. – Age 44

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Even by performing gymnastics and eating healthy, I could not get rid of my dear belly. I’m glad I did the Medilipo which really changed and improved my silouette

Mrs. Balmelli T. – 43 years old

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