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The biocompatible filler and the ac. hyaluronic acid one

Filler refers to those substances deputed to fill wrinkles especially of the middle and lower part of the face.


  • Nose-genius wrinkles (nose to mouth)
  • Perioral wrinkles (ray or “smoker’s” wrinkles)
  • poor lip volume
  • Other irregularities or small depressions of the face
  • asymmetries

Fillers or fillers are substances of various kinds that are used to smooth facial wrinkles.
The popularity of these methods has been steadily growing in recent years both because of their simplicity and because of the absolute refinement of the materials used, which in fact have minimized the risk of complications or side effects, immediate or distant. The technique is intended for both men and women with no age limit. The pharmaceutical industries producing these substances have multiplied in a few years, but not all fillers are safe and free of unwanted effects. Our center uses leading brands such as Juviderm and Belotero among the largest used hyaluronic acid fillers in the world as its fillers. We have also currently become the exclusive distributor of ALGENESS a 100% biocompatible Filler.

Algeness is an agarose-based filler that is preferred over hyaluronic acid fillers for these reasons:

1) It is a 100% biocompatible and biodegradable gel.

2) It has an immediate volumizing effect

3) Free of solvents and synthetics

4) It is hypoallergenic

5) Not from irritation and inflammation

6) Results beyond 12 months

Treatment details

Anesthesia: Local tumescence
Treatment time: 90 minutes
Pain level: Mild
Effective for: Many years

Cost: Vial Algeness 1000 chf – Vial ac. ial. 600 chf

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Filler Reviews

I want to recommend this Natural Filler to all those who use to do hyaluronic acid injections. The doctor says it lasts a longer time, about 1 year, and is 100% biocompatible. For now, I can only testify that the result is very beautiful

Mrs. Canepa L. – 36 years old

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I did the follow-up one week later and I am very happy with this new Natural Filler. Dr. Mancuso is very good and professional. I recommend it to all

Mrs. Belli A. – 51 years old

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