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Needle electrostimulation which reduces localized fat deposits

Needle electrolipolysis has for many years been the therapy most commonly used by physicians to combat fat deposits, wherever they were located.

Still widely used today, the technique involves the introduction of very thin needles under the skin, which distributed in pairs are then crossed by a low-frequency 10-50 Hz lipolytic microcurrent and low intensity

The patient is evaluated in the upright position in order to identify areas for treatment that may be inconspicuous in the lying position.

Very thin inserted needles ranging in length from 6 to 15 cm are slid into the panniculus adiposus. The introduction is not painful. The patient feels a slight “pinch” accompanied by a slight vibration, which is always well tolerated.

An electrolyte reaction occurs in the tissue that activates a series of endogenous substances that trigger fat dissolution. The electrical stimulus to generate the lysis effect must have a certain intensity, be applied for a certain period of time, and vary abruptly in intensity. Within individual cells of a tissue, electric current causes an ionic shift that can stimulate cellular metabolism by varying membrane permeability, resulting in increased oxygen consumption and increased local circulation. Circumferential decreases are very evident with values reaching as much as 12 to 15 cm in the areas of greatest adiposity. The treatment lasts 45 minutes and is totally painless

Treatment details

Number of sessions: 6 / 12
Anesthesia: A None
Treatment time: 60 minutes
Effective for: absent
Pain level: long-term

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