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The treatment that makes the body feel good

The outstanding new equipment that enables ozone baths.

In the dermatological field, applications of Cellox are aimed at dermopathies of all types of bacterial,viral and fungal origin. The action of ozone in these diseases results in complete healing of the affected parts and an immunological strengthening of the whole body. In addition, Cellox is indicated in the treatment of psoriasis with truly striking results.

In aesthetic medicine, Cellox is used to eliminate cellulite and reduce localized fat deposits by improving microcirculation and normalizing metabolism with marked reduction in body weight. By enabling ozone to make contact with all parts of the body surface, Cellox reshapes the hips and legs while also performing strong soft tissue firming. Cellox is particularly recommended in cases of lowered metabolism often a consequence of a variety of poorly controlled low-calorie diets and in cases of decreased thyroid function.

In the vascular field, Cellox by improving blood flow and restoring microcirculation function alleviates and eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the legs often a symptom of heavy leg syndrome characterized by heavy aching and fatigue in the lower limbs. Cellox is highly recommended in the healing of post-diabetic and post-flebitic ulcers.

Treatment details

Number of sessions: 8
Anesthesia: None
Treatment time: 40 minutes
Pain level: absent
Effective for: long term

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