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L' unica cura autorizzata per l'eliminazione definitiva della cellulite

Cellulite is a problem that affects 1.4 billion women worldwide, and 85 percent of them say they are motivated to do something about it. To date, however, no treatment on the market, whether medical-surgical or cosmetic, had been able to achieve significant long-term improvement in the “orange peel” appearance typical of cellulite.

Merz Pharma, a global pharmaceutical company, has thus unveiled Cellfina, the revolutionary treatment that targets the primary cause of the blemish, with guaranteed, reproducible results of more than three years and with efficacy and safety approved by the FDA, the U.S. government agency for drug and food regulation.

CELLFINA, is a highly specific technology for eliminating the depressions ( also called holes ) characteristic of cellulitic stages. It is now proven by numerous scientific works that the formation of these holes is due to the presence in the female sex alone of fibrous septa of skin anchorage with a perpendicular direction towards the skin while in the male sex their distribution is with an oblique direction. In women, in the case of increased panniculus adiposus or even in the case of atrophy of these fibrous septa, the skin on the surface is pulled with formation of the hollows what does not happen in the oblique arrangement that characterizes the male sex. This is why cellulite is visible in both thin and normal- and overweight women

According to the U.S. FDA-approved protocol, a thin needle is introduced subcutaneously at a depth of 6 mm or 10 mm, and thanks to a special plate it is able to sever the fibrous septa at the reentrants evenly and precisely. Upon completion, the patient has only slight edema, which reabsorbs within 5-6 days, and some hematoma that also reabsorbs in a short time. Consequent to the recession of the fibrous septum there is the disappearance of the reentrant with the skin returning completely smooth and firm in a few weeks. Cellfina treatment is carried out in a single session lasting about two hours. Recission of the fibrous septa is naturally permanent, and by adjusting diet and physical activity, the results obtained can remain permanent.

Treatment details

Anesthesia: Local
Treatment time: 150 minutes
Pain level: Mild
Effective for: Definitive

Cost: To be determined in consultation

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Cellfina Reviews

I am really happy that I spent my money well. I had tried them all to get rid of my cellulite to no avail. Thank you for recommending Cellfina

Mrs. Bernasconi P. – 38 years old

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I am overjoyed to no longer see my hated holes. I had made a complex of it and now I am really excited about the result

Mrs. Piotti B. – Age 26

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After one month fantastic result ! I no longer have those hated little holes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your professionalism

Mrs. Caputo A. – 36 years old

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I was full of cellulite. The buttocks were full of holes and the outer thighs were also full of depressions. I had tried many treatments but the results were always disappointing. With Cellfina, on the other hand, the holes disappeared and it took only one session. I sincerely thank Dr. Mancuso and his staff for their professionalism and kindness.

Mrs. Julia F. – Age 42

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