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Celiac Disease Genetic Testing

Celiac Disease Genetic Testing

Like lactose intolerance, genetic susceptibility to celiac disease is also widely prevalent although at a lower rate than the former.

What are the Symptoms in case of Genetic Predisposition to Celiac Disease

Toward gluten , 2 different conditions can develop: permanent intolerance to gluten known as celiac disease or a milder, nonpathological form, often still permanent, called “gluten sensitivity.”


Why is it important to take the Test for Genetic Predisposition to Celiac Disease?

Taking the Test for Genetic Predisposition to Celiac Disease is important in order to have an accurate investigative tool in case of the onset of typical symptoms of this disease.

Preventive screening has taken on enormous importance in recent years, especially in the pediatric age group where performing intestinal villus biopsy (the only diagnostic step in adults) becomes extremely invasive and difficult to implement.

The genetic testing therefore takes on dual importance: it can be the first step toward the full diagnostic process but also has a solid negative predictive value. In fact, the patient who is not genetically predisposed will very rarely develop the disease.

The test can be performed either on symptomatic subjects, for the reasons described above, or as a basic preventive screening.

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