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Bone Metabolism Testing

Bone Metabolism Testing

This is a Genetic Test that arose from the need of those patients experiencing conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. L’
for example, is the most common metabolic disease of the skeleton.Its occurrence is the result between genetic predisposition and environmental risk factors.

Why is it important to carry it out?

The patient’s caloric intake or lifestyle alone often cannot explain thehigh BMI or the patient’s difficulty in losing weight or maintaining lost weight.


Genetics today also provides guidance in this regard: the predisposition to gain weight does not only concern particular diseases (e.g., Turner syndrome) as has been assumed in the past, but there is now well-established evidence that the expression of certain polymorphisms can profoundly affect the above conditions even in healthy individuals.

Subjecting the patient to the test means not only taking a decisive step toward a prevention approach but also provide responses and strategies even when the condition is already in place.

The tests chosen for this profile also have an important impact for conditions typical of metabolic syndrome.

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