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Endodermal thermoinduction

Endodermal Thermoinduction, has become a fundamental and in some respects, irreplaceable method in the hands of the aesthetic physician and surgeon. The results you get with it are reproducible and can be achieved from the very first sessions. Controlled heat, induced by ATTIVA’s transducers, serves to stimulate the dermis by hypertrophying fibroblasts with increased production of collagen and elastin. Both the dermis and the extracellular matrix are thus remodeled with generalized rejuvenation. ATTIVA, the latest generation of equipment, opens to a technological innovation: Endodermal Thermoinduction with built-in thermal imaging. Through a thin blunt cannula needle, targeted and video-controlled overheating of the subcutaneous dermis is promoted. The special feature of the needle is in having at its end a thermometer that in communication with an external thermal imaging camera allows us to know instant by instant the thermal values reached by the radio waves used and, above all, to monitor their effects on a display. Therefore, a very targeted and precise therapy for exceptional, safe and long-lasting results. Already at the end of the treatment, wrinkles will appear shallower to relax further in the following days. The lifting effect of the dermis will already give a rejuvenated image of the face.

Treatment details

Anesthesia: anesthetic ointment
Treatment time: 120 minutes
Pain level: Absent
Effective for: Many years

Cost: To be determined in consultation

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Reviews ``ACTIVE`` face

I am very satisfied with the results obtained. Even at home they said my face is much improved. Thank you very much to Dr. Mancuso

Barbera R. age 46

My face was ruined. I have carried out Activate and am very satisfied with the vresults obtained. Thank you.

Mrs. Baroni B – Age 35

I am very happy with the results of this new treatment. For years I performed others, but my face had never looked better. We will see each other again

Hannibal E. Years 63

My wife and I both underwent the facial, and we are both satisfied with the result. We thank Dr. Mancuso for the octogenarian work performed.

Sorbio G. years 44

I had heard about Attiva by listening to TV, and when I found out that there were people here in Lugano who carried out the trattaqment as well, I rushed. After 20 days, the result on the face is really excellent. I will also try firming my arms and belly. Thank you very much to Dr. Mancuso

Mrs. Monteleone R. – 46 years old