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Endodermal body thermoinduction

With the help of a special partially shielded cannula needle and a probe that transmits the set energy, “ACTIVE” is able to determine a complete restructuring of the entire dermis of the treated tissue with absolute precision. The ability to directly manage thermal energy in a controlled manner in the selected district, with a preset and controlled temperature in order to induce the desired changes, allows for extraordinary results. In fact, with a temperature of about 50° C, the passage of the needle produces a denaturation of the primary, secondary, and tertiary structure of the protein structures resulting in both the retraction of the collagen fibers of the dermis with a lifting effect and the metabolic activation of the fibroblast, which repairs both the heat-damaged collagen and an increase in the thickness of the dermis with the neoproduction of new collagen. Around 60° C it exerts a defibrotizing action with the natural elimination of tissue adhesions resulting either from trauma such as fractures with abnormal tissue retraction, or post-surgery such as for scar reduction. Around 70° C results in cell lysis of adipocytes with the release of triglycerides into the interstitial spaces and extracellular matrix, where they are then subsequently removed by lymphatics. In this case, the alteration of the adipocyte structure makes it possible to perform an extremely precise and meticulous superficial liposculpture in all those areas that are extremely difficult to treat, an example for all the supraioid fat accumulation or the angle of the jaw.Through a special thermal camera, during execution the temperature increase of the treated area is continuously monitored by visualizing the values on a display. In this way, with millimeter movements it is possible to reach the desired temperatures and achieve the preset results. The treatment is specifically indicated in addition to its face and neck lifting effect, to achieve visible breast elevation, recompacting and uplifting of the buttocks, firming of the arms and belly, elimination of double chin to revitalize scars, and reduction of stretch marks.

Treatment details

Anesthesia: anesthetic ointment
Treatment time: 120 minutes
Pain level: Mild
Effective for: Many years

Cost: To be determined in consultation

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Reviews `` Active `` body

I listened to Dr. Mancuso’s advice and performed the treatment to firm my face and also my arms. I am very happy with the results obtained. The skin firmed up nicely. Congratulations

Marianne G. 52 years old

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After a twin birth, my belly had become very loose and filled with stretch marks. I performed the treatment recommended to me by Dr. Mancuso and I am very satisfied with the results obtained

Bianchi S. Years 34

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I had a slightly flat butt and made a big deal out of it. I carried out the treatment with Attiva and I must say that I see a big difference. Let’s hope as the Doctor says that it will still improve with time

Mount S. Years 29

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I had a low buttocks and didn’t like to show myself in a bathing suit. I solved the problem in one session and I am happy. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Monbelli V. Years 25

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After an uncontrolled diet, the inner thigh miko was very relaxed and caused me problems in showing my legs. I did the treatment with Attiva three months ago and had very good results. I am very happy

Cortesi E. 42 years old

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