Phlebotherapy: treating varicose veins to make them disappear - MEDIJEUNESSE

Medi Jeunesse’s treatment that acts at the base of the blemish

To make varicose veins disappear from the surface of the skin, the best solution is to treat them. This is the principle behind ozonated phlebotherapy, the nonsurgical treatment available at Medi Jeunesse in Lugano that can erase one of the most common blemishes that appear with advancing age. Ozonated phlebotherapy does not occlude veins, but acts on their walls, strengthening them and narrowing the lumen, repairing valve function and, as a result, restoring normal blood circulation.

The difference with other therapies is obvious: some treatments involve occluding the vein and excluding it from the cardiovascular system, but doing so only postpones the problem, causing new varicose veins to open. With ozonated phlebotherapy, on the other hand, we act on the anatomical cause of the problem. The aesthetic physician injects varicose veins with a non-occluding sclerosing solution that narrows the diameter of the vessels and decreases excessive dilatation. Next, ozone injections are given along the wall of the veins to enhance their oxygenation and decrease pain due to varicosis.

This process makes the vein invisible again on the surface of the skin, restoring a youthful appearance to the treated area. Ozonated phlebotomy also helps to eliminate water retention, which very often occurs along with varicose veins. Finally, phlebotherapy can also be used preventively: with the help of transillumination, it is possible to detect dilated vessels that are not yet visible to the naked eye and repair them before the blemish occurs.

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