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Who we are

Who we are

Medi Jeunesse Lugano is a medical center with established experience in the field of aesthetics and wellness, experience gained over 35 years of professional practice. Our professionalism and the technology we possess is put at your service to try to meet all kinds of needs.

Medi Jeunesse based in downtown Lugano, is happy to welcome you to a modern, and functional facility built right in the heart of the city and surrounded by convenient parking lots. Medi Jeunesse is located on the fourth floor of the Elvezia Palace in a very elegant facility. We wanted to offer you an ad hoc structure, and we made it. All rooms are equipped with TV monitors with which you can view documentaries of all kinds to choose from our video library. Those who prefer to relax with musical melodies can take advantage of a basic sound system with the ability to wear headphones and listen to any genre of music of their choice. But there has also been no failure to think about those who prefer to continue work or just surf the net, and laptops with high-speed Internet connections are available for this.

We have tried to enrich the center with all the comforts that are often lacking in other facilities, and all without any repercussions on what our service fees are.
Everything is in place to make Medi Jeunesse Lugano the main reference point for any of your needs related to aesthetics and physical well-being.

Medical manager:
Dr. Med. Giuseppe Mancuso

Dr. Giuseppe Mancuso graduated in 1990 from the Federico II University of Naples.

After qualifying as a medical doctor-surgeon, he began to serve as a general practitioner

Since 1991 he has been interested in oxygen-ozone therapy in all its applications, perfecting the use of ozone for the treatment of angectasis capillaries.

From 1994 to 1996, he participated in a variety of continuing education courses in aesthetic medicine, an activity he carried out after moving abroad in 1994 and which today leads him to be considered among the leading experts in Europe.

Having taken up residence in Lugano in 2009, he obtained the awards to carry out free medical practice from the relevant bodies and is currently a member of the Medical Association of the Canton of Ticino and a member of the FMH.

Possession of the concordat number allows Dr. Mancuso to be recognized by Swiss health insurers

Dr. Mancuso is considered one of the leading experts in anti-cellulite treatments and is among the seven physicians featured in the pages of the website :

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