Fall is the best season to treat veins with phlebototherapy - MEDIJEUNESSE

A minimally invasive technique to eliminate a widespread blemish

Until recently, varicose veins were a rather complicated blemish to treat, and the methods used did not always yield the desired results. Technological advances, however, have led cosmetic medicine to develop new, cutting-edge treatments that are much more effective. These include ozonated phlebotherapy, available at Medi Jeunesse in Lugano, a technique particularly suitable in the fall, when temperatures begin to drop: in the summer, in fact, care must be taken above all to keep the legs from swelling, promoting lymphatic drainage with techniques such as mesotherapy.

Phlebotherapy, on the other hand, aims to fully restore venous function with elastic strengthening of the wall of all affected vessels, with the aim of restoring normal blood circulation and erasing the signs of aging on the skin. Unlike techniques used in the past, which aimed to occlude and then “clear” the vein from the bloodstream, phlebototherapy aims to “regenerate” the vessel: the treatment acts on the walls of the veins, strengthening them and narrowing the lumen. The treatment involves the aesthetic physician injecting a non-occluding solution that shrinks the diameter of the blood vessel, eliminating the dilatation that makes it visible on the skin.

In a second step, the doctor injects ozone along the wall of the veins to enhance their oxygenation and reduce pain due to varicosis. All while causing only very slight discomfort to the patient.It takes only 4 to 10 sessions, lasting just 20 minutes each, which can be carried out even twice a week (a treatment that can therefore be carried out in less than a month) to treat the veins and restore youthfulness to the skin.

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